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Heal Your Body With The Canada’s #1 Red Light Therapy Mat.


The (Re)SET Red Light Mat is ergonomically designed to
enable more effective and targeted therapy.

The (Re)SET Mat uses 635 / 660 / 850 / 980 nm LEDs and covers a generously sized treatment with large area. Simply wrap around your area of choice, for example, stomach and relax for 10 - 60 minutes while warm red light enters the body, stimulating acupuncture points, increasing blood circulation, circulation and antioxidant enzyme release.


LED light therapy delivers light energy to tissues and cells in a similar way plants absorb light energy from the sun. UV-free, beneficial light rays that energize cells and stimulate the body's natural process to build new proteins and regenerate cells temporarily relieve arthritic, muscle and joint pain, reduce inflammation and stiffness and increase blood circulation. 

Used for pain management and wound healing in many hospitals and clinics. It has amazing anti-inflammatory abilities and can treat conditions like arthritis and other chronic pain conditions.


- Relieve pain

- Reduce inflammation

- Repair injuries

- Sports recovery & Performance

- Revive immunity

- Regain energy

- Repair skin & cells

- Improve sleep & testosterone

- Relieve anxiety & depression


✔ Boosts Metabolism – Your mitochondria (the power plant of the cells) produce more ATP (cellular energy) when NIR, or near infrared rays, are introduced.

    ✔ Reduces Body Fat

    Red light penetrates fat cells, encouraging fatty acids to burn off and shrink when followed by exercise within 24 hours.

    ✔ Reduce Cellulite

    Anti-cellulite system that improves your blood flow, helping to reduce cellulite.

    ✔ Reduce Stretch Marks

    Clinically proven to help lighten and reduce appearance of stretch marks.

    ✔ Spot Fat Reduction

    Target areas of stomach, legs, arms or butt to help reduce inches. Faster Recovery Time – Certain tissue regenerating genes including integrins, laminin, gap junction proteins and kinesin proteins have shown a two- to five-fold increase upon exposure to NIR.

    ✔ Increases Energy – NIR activates the color sensitive chemicals (chromophores & cytochrome systems) to depths of 23 centimeters (or about 10 inches), stimulating energy production in the cells.

      ✔ Firm & Tighten Skin

      The Red Lights help stimulate production of collagen to firm the skin and improve elasticity.

      ✔ Relieves Pain, Arthritis & Neuropathy

      • PAIN RELIEF/ARTHRITIS/FIBROMYALGIA – Neck, shoulder, elbow, knee and back pain respond well to near infrared light, as shown in dozens of studies. The penetrating heat promotes healing and rejuvenation, and the frequencies of the light rays speed healing and recovery (once again, all thanks to the boosted mitochondria!) Most patients experience a swift decrease in pain within minutes of treatment. After a 20 minute session, headaches can be gone for good, and temporary tooth ache can be eliminated. Chronic back or arthritis pain is reduced significantly after several sessions. (It’s also great for carpal tunnel, tendonitis, and strains/sprains).
      • KNEE OSTEOARTHRITIS – Application of near infrared (830 nm) light to the knees of osteoarthritis patients dramatically reduced knee pain scores (see study).

      Fun Fact: NIR light therapy has been used by the U.S. military to speed recovery from soft tissue injuries in elite soldiers in the Navy, Army Rangers, and Special Forces. Hospitals, nursing homes and long-term care facilities use it to accelerate the healing of pressure ulcers (bed sores), wounds, and neuropathy.


      Why you need the (RE)SET Red light therapy Mat?

      Red light LED wavelengths in the 660nm range have been FDA-approved for circumferential inch loss. FDA-cleared 850nm infrared waves increase circulation, improve metabolic action and support the lymphatic system. Based on the Food and Drug Administration (FDA) for medical devices, The Led Light devices are categorized as a "non-significant risk" product under low level light therapy. The (RE)SET Mat is designed for weight management and assists to improve physical fitness and weight loss goals.


      “Red light therapy may help you recover from exercise, sleep better, heal wounds and injuries like tendonitis, reduce arthri­tis—and it may simply make you feel better, which is something that’s hard to quantify,” says Michael Hamblin, a photomedicine researcher at Harvard Medical School who has been studying light therapy for three decades.


      3x The Targeted Power of Any Size Wall Panel on Market

      There Is Nothing Like Us on The Market

      The (Re)SET Mat is different from any red light therapy device ever invented.Designed for the human body - for ultimate flexibility, efficiency and usability.All of our competitors “light” models use panels of 60 LEDs linked together. Each LED can be either one wavelength or the other.This means for each panel on those devices there are only 484 x 660nm LEDs and 484 x 850nm LEDs. Their Mini version has 1 panel, which equals a total of 60 LEDs.
      The (Re)SET Mat use advanced technology to provide both 660nm and 850nm wavelengths as standard. Our mat uses 484 of each of these LEDs. 484 x 660nm LEDs and 484 x 850nm LEDs - 968 LEDs in total. And it's powerful. Measured in J/cm2 and mW/cm2, the (Re)SET Mat delivers the most powerful targeted dose on the market.


      (RE)SET™ Is Ideal For Lots Of People


      Anyone. The (RE)SET Mat is a health optimization device with lots of applications.It’s your workout buddy, preparing for exercise and improving recovery.Your home health care device for treating pains, aches, injuries, wounds.Your mindfulness mate for relaxing and recharging your body. And so much more.No wonder it’s already a favorite of athletes, trainers, therapists and biohackers worldwide.






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      Customer Reviews

      Based on 3 reviews

      This product is amazing ,I just got it yesterday and used today and I feel like my body release al the stress and I feel more energized. I'm going to keep using it and I will keep everyone informed about this amazing product .God bless

      Sauna lovers, health hackers, and chronic pain folks: worthy investment

      I can tell you that I have lived on this mat for the last year, I pretty much sleep on it following two pretty invasive surgeries and a huge degree of inflammation and chronic pain.
      I do know that western science has been slow to catch up, but in my n=1 experiment I can tell you that I do feel it is extremely helpful for me, and certainly very calming... a great place to stretch, meditate, cuddle my dog (who also loves it) and helps me sleep when all else fails.

      I have the single full length version.
      After very intense use, I had a controller issue and the seller has been quick to respond and offered a replacement, which is great because I seriously cannot live without this thing. It’s like sunbathing from the inside out, minus UV damage.

      High quality red light therapy

      As a nurse in the medical field that deals with athletes , injury recovery and people with health issues I’m always looking for technology that can help to support their recovery and wellbeing in any way. I Have been an infrared light therapy advocate because it’s benefits but it’s always hard to find a good one . I don’t like to recommend a product unless it’s good quality and financially accessible for clients to use at home. Some brands are so expensive and feel share same technology with same results.
      After using some different products Im finally happy I can share this one with my patients .It has helped me a lot with inflammation and joint pain. Excited to see further results in next months to come. Will update .

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