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This red light product really works! I've been plagued with melasma for years. Having only used this less than a week (10 minutes daily), it is nearly gone! I'm also seeing really quick improvement using it for spot reduction of fat alternating days. This is not a paid review and I have no affiliation with the company. I just wish they made a larger pad to cover more areas at one time.

Weight Loss

I have been using this for less than a week. I think it seems to be well made and is working well. This kind of product is not an overnight relief, it takes time. So far, so good.
Update: July 12, 2018. I have been using the Red Light Near Infrared Therapy for about 2 months now. I mainly use it for weight loss. I use it on my stomach about once per day. I like it because it is very easy to use and I can watch TV while using it. With this device and moderate portion control, I have lost about 8 pounds in the last 2 months.

Help with my pain

Arrive fast and in perfect condition. Works for my pain

A must have item!

I am a huge fan of red light and infrared light therapies, and have a few home devices. This wrap really attracted me because it's flexible and easy to take with you - unlike my red & IR light panels. I have already given one as a gift to a parent recovering from a shoulder surgery, and recommended it to a neighbor who had a knee surgery. I would buy mine again in an instant.

So besides my established love of red light and infrared therapies, I am a big fan of home devices that just work. I bought the single wrap to keep handy - like an opposite ice pack. If I have any ache or pain I do my very best to "wrap & nap" in the afternoon, or at least wrap while relaxing after dinner. I wish I had it when I was dealing with tendonitis, but better late than never. Menstrual cramps are a quickly soothed, shoulder pains from sleeping in an odd position are solved after a better positioned "wrap & nap."

I rarely experience anything beyond simple aches and pains, and I reach for this wrap long before I reach for OTC pain relievers. I forget about the OTC pills because this wrap melts away the aches perfectly. And that's great for me because I am a big fan of pain management without pharmaceuticals when possible.

This wrap has three main parts. 1) Actual panel with little bulbs - only half of the bulbs emit visible light; infrared light isn't visible to human eyes, but you can see it with your phone's camera. 2) Wall adaptor, and 3) timer extension. Personally I don't use the timer often (I prefer to use the panel longer), so I just set it aside. I usually use the panel powered directly from the wall adaptor - it works just the same, but without the 20 minute shut off.

Love this little gizmo! helped me with my joint pain i suffer for long time. Cant live without it. Thank you

Revivify is a GAME CHANGER!

I had an injury in my foot several years ago and had to get major surgery to repair bone and tissue damage. Since then I've walked with a limp but after using Redtonic for just a couple weeks I've noticed that my limp is now practically non-existent and the soreness is gone. I'm a believer!

The Revivify Mini - Portable Handheld 660nm

I liked the goods very much, high-quality, convenient. Regarding the red light treatment, there are many scientific articles on both Russian and English, there is also a lot of information on youtube. I previously bought a face mask with LED light, and began to apply it to a sick knee, it was easier after the first application. But it is not quite convenient for her to use, after all, she is designed for the face, so she ordered these wraps. By the way, pay attention, when the goods will be in the basket there is a coupon of the seller, the price is generally good. Delivery to Los Angeles 13 days. Thank you seller.


This product is amazing ,I just got it yesterday and used today and I feel like my body release al the stress and I feel more energized. I'm going to keep using it and I will keep everyone informed about this amazing product .God bless

Sauna lovers, health hackers, and chronic pain folks: worthy investment

I can tell you that I have lived on this mat for the last year, I pretty much sleep on it following two pretty invasive surgeries and a huge degree of inflammation and chronic pain.
I do know that western science has been slow to catch up, but in my n=1 experiment I can tell you that I do feel it is extremely helpful for me, and certainly very calming... a great place to stretch, meditate, cuddle my dog (who also loves it) and helps me sleep when all else fails.

I have the single full length version.
After very intense use, I had a controller issue and the seller has been quick to respond and offered a replacement, which is great because I seriously cannot live without this thing. It’s like sunbathing from the inside out, minus UV damage.

take the time to try it different ways!

the first week or 2 i think i used it too much and i hurt a lot with no relief. i did 3 separate body parts, each for 20 minutes. was going to return it. then tried again only doing one body part at a time. now i’m pretty happy with it. for me, it helps mostly with muscular pain, but definitely helps a lot. i take it most days in the car with me in case i hurt at work or on commute. i usually use it at least once a day. very happy with it.

Fascinating technology, great value, state of the art

Please do your own research on the many uses of red light to boost immune/healing function. State of the art diodes are capable of three modes: red, FIR and both. Also incorporates pulsing technology to acknowledge (presumably) that some medical trials have found that altering frequency (pulsing) allows the light to be better absorbed by human tissue. And the price is only a small fraction of equivalent medical grade equipment for clinic use. Also claims 100s of 1000s of hours in the product life cycle. However, that life cycle claim assumes the wiring, which is inside the fragile fabric, does not get damaged in use. The connectors are very well designed (for the price) but by no means clinical grade. Noticed that the power connector to the pad slips out easily during use. Happened once already. Design does not allow for user to know unit is accidentally left in FIR mode only, because FIR is invisible to the naked eye -- so essentially the unit is ON, doing its its job, and working properly, but the user is oblivious. This needs to be corrected. And the placement of the power/function button is designed to assist portability but could lead to wear issues over time. Plus the spacing of the diodes in about 5X the distance of the smaller (concentrated) competing products which means you are not getting the same massive tissue saturation as with the units designed to a smaller surface area. Fascinating product! Next year's design should be even better.

Love it and I feel and see a difference!

I bought this product for a couple different reasons. I had a horse accident last year when my horse knocked me over and I fell on a very hard surface and landed on my shoulder which then fractured the humeral head of my shoulder as well as dislocated my shoulder completely tearing the tendon around it. Because of this injury, have severe inflammation in my shoulders and they often feel heavy and uncomfotable. You cant see this inflammation but I can feel it! I use this red infrared light pad on my shoulder and after a few days I have releif from the inflammation. SO, I thought I would also try it on one of my horses legs as he had a soft tissue injury. Oddly enough, I noticed that the tissue swelling has gone done significantly. I beleive that red light therapy works! This pad does get a little warm though. Not hot, but definitly heats up. I also bought a 12V 3000mAh Lithium ion battery pack so that it can be wireless while on my horses.

Piece of mind

I've been using this product for about 2 weeks, twice a day. I have degenerative back issues and usually only find relief from an anti-inflammatory. The heat that this product produces is amazing. It seems like it penetrates through all the layers of skin and into the bones and joints. It is on a timer for 20 minutes. So, I'll put it on my back for that amount of time and then move it to my knees for 20 minutes and so on. I recommend it highly.

Beautiful red light in a perfect quality

Everything arrived in a perfect package and condition. Quality of wrap is superb and on a professional level. Handling and use very easy.


I have been to lots of salons & paid much more for the same results I get from this belt. Works great over time. You won't be disappointed.


I love this product, been using it 3 times a week for a month and it works. I'm loosing inches.

High quality red light therapy

As a nurse in the medical field that deals with athletes , injury recovery and people with health issues I’m always looking for technology that can help to support their recovery and wellbeing in any way. I Have been an infrared light therapy advocate because it’s benefits but it’s always hard to find a good one . I don’t like to recommend a product unless it’s good quality and financially accessible for clients to use at home. Some brands are so expensive and feel share same technology with same results.
After using some different products Im finally happy I can share this one with my patients .It has helped me a lot with inflammation and joint pain. Excited to see further results in next months to come. Will update .

great product!

Has helped reduce inflammation with Achilles tendinosis. 20 minute timed sessions. Had problem with the unit the first week. The company sent me a new one. They stand by their product! Recommend to clients!

Very effective product

Can feel how this heat penetrates beneath the surface providing noticeable relief for joint issues, muscle and nerve pain. Pleasant level of heat that can’t get uncomfortably hot. The cord is exceptionally long which allows easy placement on either sides of bed or sofa. Also, there is an adapter you can use with a power bank. Been recommending this product to others with chronic and acute pain.

Light for Healing that works.

This light really works for healing. My husband hurt his back and the pain was getting in the way of life. The red light penetrates into the muscle and the infrared light goes even deeper. It gives off a little heat by not much. I recommend this product to help with both pain relief and healing too. His back pain was greatly diminished the first day.

Use it, great benefits

This unit is really making a difference in arthritic knees. Wish there was a discount on an additional pad. Will share info about this unit with my colleagues for healing properties. Red light/NIR therapy is the medicine of the future. Big Pharma will not be happy as more and more people turn to this medicine rather than opiates.

Red light therapy works

I have been using light therapy for about a year now. I had a flex pad by a different manufacture. It was smaller in size with almost half the number of LEDs. It did help with my lower back pain which is what I mostly used it for. I gave it to my daughter in law to use with the intent on buying a new one for myself. I decided to look what else was similar on the market, and found this one, and decided I would give it a try. It works as well as the other the one I was utilizing before, but covers more area. Love it!!!

Excellent Product

I have used red light therapy for many years. It is great for deep tissue repair and pain. I been into the natural medicine area for a long time, I am a Certified Medical Herbalist, know several natural doctors and red light therapy is the way to go for inside body tissue healing.

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