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Used this product for a couple weeks and my skin shows so much improvement. My acne is almost completely gone! Such a nice product to use, im very happy. Would definitely recommend trying this product!

Very fast delivery and frankly top product especially for athletes

On the track was not tracked, delivery to Almaty 26 days. Packed well, came without damage, works. Corresponds to the description.

Первое впечатление хорошее. Все как в описании, работает тихо. Позже напишу как он себя проявит со временем.

Super device. Workmanship high level additionally elegant packing. Recommend for sore space be zakwasy great case.!! 10/10

its really good product, easy to charge it up and very effective use !

it's a bit heavy and there is a slight smell but otherwise good

Looks good works after belong supper snellllll supplied

This red light product really works! I've been plagued with melasma for years. Having only used this less than a week (10 minutes daily), it is nearly gone! I'm also seeing really quick improvement using it for spot reduction of fat alternating days. This is not a paid review and I have no affiliation with the company. I just wish they made a larger pad to cover more areas at one time.

Massager came very fast in 2 days. Works well. Masaz is pleasant, I am happy. Zobacze as will work for a while.

sadly the product came non working. Probably has problem with charging station. But it looks amazing and the seller refunded money in 1 day.

Visually good product, still to test the plug and works as expected!

Gun massage arrived very quickly, within deklarowanych 3 days shipment Courier. All well protected. Packed in aesthetic box. The same gun works well, fast charging, battery keeps long.

Thanks to the seller product quality high I highly recommend Strong loved 9 days arrived

Wow fast shipping to Canada! As described and packaged well. Blindfold as a gift. Recommended seller

The quality of the product is quite high touch screen works perfectly meets very quickly.

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배송 3일 만에 도착!!! 국내 배송인줄 알았어요ㅡ제품 단단하니 좋고요 마사지 효과 짱!!! 입니다ㅡ가성비 최고~^^

i lost my money from one other seller i put picture . now this seller is very fast i buy this 22-3-21 10:40 am and i take this 30-3-21 14:00 with acs . five star . for massage gun i update status .

Good device, comes with a cary back. I am happy with the purchase. Quick delivery.

Massage gun is as good as expected. Helps my tense muscles to become loose. I almost daily. Made of good material and stable. Multiple strength levels and many other massage attachments. Very satisfied. Thanks to the seller. Can it only recommend.

Plustla... it's OK. Packing is good in a suitcase...!! How does it work I will check then explain... A powerful massager... let's see how it will work...

Weight Loss

I have been using this for less than a week. I think it seems to be well made and is working well. This kind of product is not an overnight relief, it takes time. So far, so good.
Update: July 12, 2018. I have been using the Red Light Near Infrared Therapy for about 2 months now. I mainly use it for weight loss. I use it on my stomach about once per day. I like it because it is very easy to use and I can watch TV while using it. With this device and moderate portion control, I have lost about 8 pounds in the last 2 months.

Help with my pain

Arrive fast and in perfect condition. Works for my pain

A must have item!

I am a huge fan of red light and infrared light therapies, and have a few home devices. This wrap really attracted me because it's flexible and easy to take with you - unlike my red & IR light panels. I have already given one as a gift to a parent recovering from a shoulder surgery, and recommended it to a neighbor who had a knee surgery. I would buy mine again in an instant.

So besides my established love of red light and infrared therapies, I am a big fan of home devices that just work. I bought the single wrap to keep handy - like an opposite ice pack. If I have any ache or pain I do my very best to "wrap & nap" in the afternoon, or at least wrap while relaxing after dinner. I wish I had it when I was dealing with tendonitis, but better late than never. Menstrual cramps are a quickly soothed, shoulder pains from sleeping in an odd position are solved after a better positioned "wrap & nap."

I rarely experience anything beyond simple aches and pains, and I reach for this wrap long before I reach for OTC pain relievers. I forget about the OTC pills because this wrap melts away the aches perfectly. And that's great for me because I am a big fan of pain management without pharmaceuticals when possible.

This wrap has three main parts. 1) Actual panel with little bulbs - only half of the bulbs emit visible light; infrared light isn't visible to human eyes, but you can see it with your phone's camera. 2) Wall adaptor, and 3) timer extension. Personally I don't use the timer often (I prefer to use the panel longer), so I just set it aside. I usually use the panel powered directly from the wall adaptor - it works just the same, but without the 20 minute shut off.