Heal your body and recover faster with the world’s first targeted infrared light device

3x The Targeted Power of Any Size Wall Panel on Market

No wonder it’s already a favorite of athletes, trainers, therapists and biohackers worldwide.


The (Re)SET™ FLEX - The Revolutionary Recovery Device

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Heal your body and recover faster with the world’s first targeted infrared light device

The (RE)SET™ FLEX wrap is the most advanced red light therapy device on the market. Use it anywhere, anytime. Designed to reach any body part directly and efficiently.

Our(RE)SET™ FLEX wrap is a revolutionary home-use treatment with an advanced 660nm-wave Red-Light Phototherapy technology, the same used in professional med-spa and weight loss clinics, but in a portable wrap you can use from the comfort of your home for a fraction of the cost.



✔️ Recover Faster –Red light therapy stimulates collagen production, which strengthens cartilage and tendons and can speed up muscle recovery and healing.

✔️ Boosts Metabolism – Your mitochondria (the power plant of the cells) produce more ATP (cellular energy) when NIR, or near infrared rays, are introduced.

✔️ Reduces Body Fat

Red light penetrates fat cells, encouraging fatty acids to burn off and shrink when followed by exercise within 24 hours.

✔️ Reduce Cellulite

Anti-cellulite system that improves your blood flow, helping to reduce cellulite.

✔️ Reduce Stretch Marks

Clinically proven to help lighten and reduce appearance of stretch marks.

✔️ Spot Fat Reduction

Target areas of stomach, legs, arms or butt to help reduce inches. Faster Recovery Time – Certain tissue regenerating genes including integrins, laminin, gap junction proteins and kinesin proteins have shown a two- to five-fold increase upon exposure to NIR.

✔️ Save Thousands And Avoid Surgery

Professional Red-Light Therapy treatments start at $80 a treatment and go above $299 at medical spas, wellness and weight-loss centers nationwide. The ReVivify Wrap offers the same or better professional-grade certified technology but offers unlimited use from the comfort of your home, for the cost of only one to two sessions.

  • $299 = 4 to 6 red light therapy treatments at the spa.
  • $299 = 1 RevivifyPro wrap for unlimited treatments at home.

✔️ Increases Energy – NIR activates the color sensitive chemicals (chromophores & cytochrome systems) to depths of 23 centimeters (or about 10 inches), stimulating energy production in the cells.

✔️ Firm & Tighten Skin

The Red Lights help stimulate production of collagen to firm the skin and improve elasticity.

✔️ Relieves Pain, Arthritis & Neuropathy

  • PAIN RELIEF/ARTHRITIS/FIBROMYALGIA – Neck, shoulder, elbow, knee and back pain respond well to near infrared light, as shown in dozens of studies. The penetrating heat promotes healing and rejuvenation, and the frequencies of the light rays speed healing and recovery (once again, all thanks to the boosted mitochondria!) Most patients experience a swift decrease in pain within minutes of treatment. After a 20 minute session, headaches can be gone for good, and temporary tooth ache can be eliminated. Chronic back or arthritis pain is reduced significantly after several sessions. (It’s also great for carpal tunnel, tendonitis, and strains/sprains).
  • KNEE OSTEOARTHRITIS – Application of near infrared (830 nm) light to the knees of osteoarthritis patients dramatically reduced knee pain scores (see study).


“Red light therapy may help you recover from exercise, sleep better, heal wounds and injuries like tendonitis, reduce arthri­tis—and it may simply make you feel better, which is something that’s hard to quantify,” says Michael Hamblin, a photomedicine researcher at Harvard Medical School who has been studying light therapy for three decades.


Elevate Your Post-Workout Routine

For all sizes, ages, genders. The (RE)SET™ FLEX wrap is a safe and non-invasive technology.

The(RE)SET™ FLEX wrap is the first home-use red light therapy treatment of its kind. It uses gentle red light phototherapy with 660nm and 850nm waves to slim the body and whittle away stubborn areas of fat and cellulite. Red Light Therapy is a completely non-invasive lipo-alternative and offers immediate results.

The LED treatment panel measures 9” wide by 15.7” and is housed in a flexible fabric wrap which is adjustable, with the maximum length of 35.4".

Why you need the (RE)SET Red light therapy wrap?

Red light LED wavelengths in the 660nm range have been FDA-approved for circumferential inch loss. FDA-cleared 850nm infrared waves increase circulation, improve metabolic action and support the lymphatic system. Based on the Food and Drug Administration (FDA) for medical devices, The Led Light devices are categorized as a "non-significant risk" product under low level light therapy. The REVIVIFY Wrap is designed for weight management and assists to improve physical fitness and weight loss goals.


(RE)SET™ Flex Wrap Is Ideal For Lots Of People

Anyone. The ReVivify Wrap is a health optimization device with lots of applications.

It’s your workout buddy, preparing for exercise and improving recovery.

Your home health care device for treating pains, aches, injuries, wounds.

Your mindfulness mate for relaxing and recharging your body. And so much more.

No wonder it’s already a favorite of athletes, trainers, therapists and biohackers worldwide.


There Is Nothing Like Us on The Market

The ReVivify Wrap is different from any red light therapy device ever invented.

Designed for the human body - for ultimate flexibility, efficiency and usability.

All of our competitors “light” models use panels of 60 LEDs linked together. Each LED can be either one wavelength or the other.

This means for each panel on those devices there are only 28 x 660nm LEDs and 32 x 850nm LEDs. Their Mini version has 1 panel, which equals a total of 60 LEDs.
The RevivifyPro Therapy Wraps use advanced technology to provide both 660nm and 850nm wavelengths as standard.

Our wrap uses 120 of each of these LEDs. 120 x 660nm LEDs and 240 x 850nm LEDs - 360 LEDs in total.

And it's powerful. Measured in J/cm2 and mW/cm2, the RevivifyPro Wrap delivers the most powerful targeted dose on the market.

3x the Targeted Power



Our competition charges from $695 to $5,995+ depending on the size and accessories chosen.

The closest device from our competition to our ReVivify Wrap is a small hard-shell LED panel that weighs significantly more than our portable wrap. It offers a similar treatment area and uses the same two clinically-proven wavelengths of 660nm and 850nm.

But the competition offers theirs at $695 and our phototherapy wrap retails at $359....That’s a $336 difference.



When choosing a red light therapy device, it can help to think about how it will affect your daily routine. When we look at convenience and ease of use, we see the devices vary a lot. The competitions light devices weight from 8lbs (3kg) for the smallest model all the way up to a huge 100lbs (45kg)for the largest model. They’re built to hang over the back of a door or be placed on a stand, so this means standing up in front of the device to receive a treatment. If you have pain when standing or pain in hard to reach places, treatment using these hard shell devices can become very difficult.


Infrared Light vs. Sunlight

As I touched on briefly, sunlight is highly beneficial for us good old humans (and all life on earth for that matter!) Ultra Violet (sunlight) is just one frequency of light, the same way infrared is among the 8 others. Each one has its own unique healing power. Sunlight has the distinctive ability to react and create Vitamin D in our cells, lower cholesterol, and increase oxygen in the blood. Infrared light does not create Vitamin D, but has a host of other benefits (especially deep pain relief) which we’ll go over in a moment.


Irradiance at Surface: 138.6mw/cm²

Irradiance test: 138.6mw/cm² at surface. Starting using the powerful clinical grade red light therapy device at home for a better life.

EMF Radiation Level: 0 at Surface

EMF test: 0.0µT at surface. The most safest red light therapy device in the market, complying to the WHO standard.


Try the (RE)SET™ FLEX wrap completely risk free for 30 days.

We stand behind the effectiveness of this product that's why we're giving you the chance to try it risk-free for the next 30 days. You're going to love how the treated area feels after each session, or you get your money back. Simply contact us for directions on how to return the device, and you'll get the instructions that you need without any hassle. Other than those aches and pains that you've been dealing with, you have nothing to lose by trying RevivifyPro Wrap.

Don't take our word for it. See our happy customers!

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Customer Reviews

Based on 20 reviews

This red light product really works! I've been plagued with melasma for years. Having only used this less than a week (10 minutes daily), it is nearly gone! I'm also seeing really quick improvement using it for spot reduction of fat alternating days. This is not a paid review and I have no affiliation with the company. I just wish they made a larger pad to cover more areas at one time.

Weight Loss

I have been using this for less than a week. I think it seems to be well made and is working well. This kind of product is not an overnight relief, it takes time. So far, so good.
Update: July 12, 2018. I have been using the Red Light Near Infrared Therapy for about 2 months now. I mainly use it for weight loss. I use it on my stomach about once per day. I like it because it is very easy to use and I can watch TV while using it. With this device and moderate portion control, I have lost about 8 pounds in the last 2 months.

Help with my pain

Arrive fast and in perfect condition. Works for my pain

A must have item!

I am a huge fan of red light and infrared light therapies, and have a few home devices. This wrap really attracted me because it's flexible and easy to take with you - unlike my red & IR light panels. I have already given one as a gift to a parent recovering from a shoulder surgery, and recommended it to a neighbor who had a knee surgery. I would buy mine again in an instant.

So besides my established love of red light and infrared therapies, I am a big fan of home devices that just work. I bought the single wrap to keep handy - like an opposite ice pack. If I have any ache or pain I do my very best to "wrap & nap" in the afternoon, or at least wrap while relaxing after dinner. I wish I had it when I was dealing with tendonitis, but better late than never. Menstrual cramps are a quickly soothed, shoulder pains from sleeping in an odd position are solved after a better positioned "wrap & nap."

I rarely experience anything beyond simple aches and pains, and I reach for this wrap long before I reach for OTC pain relievers. I forget about the OTC pills because this wrap melts away the aches perfectly. And that's great for me because I am a big fan of pain management without pharmaceuticals when possible.

This wrap has three main parts. 1) Actual panel with little bulbs - only half of the bulbs emit visible light; infrared light isn't visible to human eyes, but you can see it with your phone's camera. 2) Wall adaptor, and 3) timer extension. Personally I don't use the timer often (I prefer to use the panel longer), so I just set it aside. I usually use the panel powered directly from the wall adaptor - it works just the same, but without the 20 minute shut off.


The product is good